San Antonio, TX - Kelly & Emily McCoy

by Kelly McCoy
(San Antonio, TX)

I (Kelly) have over thirty years driving experience (Dry Van, Reefer, Tanker, Flat Bed, & Car Haul. I also have over five years experience as a driver instructor. My wife Emily began driving a tractor trailer in 2011, and has worked with me as an instructor for two years. Besides driving and working as an instructor, she also works in the office occasionally.

I started drawing a pension several years ago when the company I worked for went bankrupt. I cannot drive a truck for a trucking company and draw the pension at the same time. That is why I started working at the school.
We would like to work for someone who will allow Emily to drive and allow me as a passenger since I cannot drive and draw the pension - that may change after this coming summer as my pension is being reduced by more than half. I will drive part time after that. I am writing a novel, and will continue to write as well. We also have a small Yorkie dog we will take with us.
We will still work occasionally at the school where we are currently employed when they have training jobs around the country. These jobs usually last about two weeks, and we usually have two weeks or more notice when they come up.
We will be able to travel anywhere in the country when we are available.
We are good, safe, drivers. If our situation will work with yours, we will be happy to hear from you.
Kelly & Emily McCoy

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