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Well for as long as I can remember I have been exposed to the trucking lifestyle. My dad is a truck driver, most of my uncles, cousins, brother, so needless to say this is NOT at all new for me.

My husband being a truck driver is actually fun for me because I get to go where ever he goes. I absolutely love it and because we have so much in common, traveling and visiting new places,
exploring new areas and attractions, is mainly how we "roll".

I would say I am a foodie, so stopping at random eateries and "mom and pop" shops is a definite must!!! I am truly blessed with a wonderful ,loving husband that when most truck drivers don't encourage their wives to ride along, he's pushing for the "COME ON LETS GO!" or telling me how he wants me there by his side at all time:-)!

I truly love him and this is a special time in our lives , we've only been married three years and we are so grateful for what the good Lord has blessed us with.

Now, as far as LIVING IN A TRUCK's very doable, it's like a mobile dormroom!!kozy and fun all together, and well some of the disadvantages are not having a potty right when you need one! or a coffee pot! But take the good with the bad!

oh did I mention, I love to run! And running will only take place either at a truck stop parking lot...or during our break time. But either way we get our fitness on while we work..

In essence...this lifestyle is NOT for everybody, but when given a chance to travel 48 states, and your love is the driver...believe me you will want to do this!!!

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Apr 09, 2013
Nice story... NEW
by: Derrick

Nice story. And you guys make a cute couple. Wished my wife would want to ride with me. She doesn't like riding in the truck. But she sure likes spending that truck money.

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