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So I’m a new otr driver but I’ve had my cdl driving straight trucks and dump trucks so driving big trucks are not an issue.

I’m just starting out and I’m curious as to the pros and cons of actual teaming. Since I am in a training program we run as a team with a mentor.

How does the pay work if one guy basically burns all his time in the docks/getting washouts/repairs etc. while the other usually gets all the miles.

Can’t see this really being that profitable if only one person is getting most of not all the miles.

A little info would be nice.

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Jun 10, 2018
Can you make more as a team? No - with an asterisks
by: Hervy

Driving teams is a tricky proposition to consider. In my opinion, it's challenging to make more as a team and be happy. You need to have someone you get along with and are also compatible with in driving style, work ethic and mindset. Plus almost all people/companies say you make more driving teams. I argue that it's simply not true most of the time.

For example will you each be considerate of each other? Small things it seems. Which many people don't consider. It's like having a room mate.

But suppose you have more discipline and mind/body control than the other person. That affects ability to drive during odd hours. Suppose one of you have poor dietary habits forcing excessive bathroom breaks and what not?

So not only do you both have to be able to drive your shift no matter what time of day/night it happens to occur, you need to get along will. Similar viewpoints on life and in personal development will make you equally yolk.

Being able to communicate with and choose who you team with is ideal. Husband and wife teams are also ideal if equally yolked in trucking philosophy. lol (Driving habits)

You need to consider the pay. Do the numbers.
If you can make .45-.50 cents a mile solo running 12,000 miles per month.

Why would you want to make .60 - .75 cents per mile split at 22,000 miles per month? (And deal with a roommate.)

Just do the numbers and consider your personal preferences. (Some people want companionship that much) Here are other things to consider and the page I create due to the nuances of this decision.

Advantages and disadvantages of team driving jobs

So the asterisks means you have to do the numbers. All trucking jobs are not the same. Find out the average miles the team runs per month and do the math. Compare it with what you could make solo and the miles averaged per month at that company.

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