Retired firefighter San Antonio Tx

by Jeffery Newman
(San Antonio, Texas)

61 yr old, retired fire fighter 37 years for the Department of Defense, 25 years service Texas Army National Guard.

Drive tractor and trailer for US Marines, drive large Crash Fire and Rescue vehicles while on active duty and while working the last 30+ years for the DOD Fire Department and the Texas Army National Guard.

I was a diesel 2nd and 3rd etchalon mechcanic for 15 years in the National Guard plus 10 years as communications technician. I served as Master Truck drive for my unit and kept up out fleet of vehicles and trailers.

Scheduled maintenance and preventative checks and services. Organized drivers training for unit members by the Army Regulations and licensed members according to their successful completion of training and verification by unit commander.
Spent the first 15 years in National Guard as a diesel Mechanic for a unit that had approximately 15 5 ton tractor and trailers. Performed brake jobs in air over hydralic systems,bled fuel line systems and general mechanical duties as repair broken doors on trucks, repace windsheilds, tires, split rims and trailer fifth wheel repairs. Drive tucks and trailers on numerous missions and convoys as truck driver and lead wrecker operator.
As a lead firefighter for the DOD USAF I operated and led a crew of 4 or 5 men to structural and crash icidents on many flight lines emergency and structural fires involving positioning and manuvering large fire apparatus around large frame aircraft and all size helicopters. Also to include structural fire trucks to hundreds of emergency to include vehicle roll overs, building fires, confined space and multistoried fire emergencies.
Worked with loading Army Abrams tanks and M-1 tanks onto 20 ton tractors with 28 wheeled trailers. Instructed army and air force members in safe operation while driving loading and operating various heavy equipment. Certified Safety Officer and many other certification thru the DOD Firefighter Certification Program.
Been retired from FF 3014 and retired Army Guard Aug 2016.
Thank you, Jeffery W Newman

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