Retired and Reaching out to OOs who need a hand up

by Shepherd

There's this company that has started a Green up your truck program, where any one with a 630 or better credit score can automatically qualify for a low interest SBA loan, Vets 35 grand, non vets 25 grand, the premise is that they will get you the loan and set you up with fuel saving equipment APU, Fuel Efficiency and Oil filtering products which conform to the EPA Smart Way program.

Best part is, this program will save you up to 50% overall fuel and maint. expenses. It is a free service. their name is go green fleet solutions and they are on the net. Lotta folks on the I 5 corridor have saved their bacon with this program as it does save $$$$.

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Aug 27, 2010
Go Green Fleet Solutions
by: Shepherd

We are a consultation company working with green technology companies offering proven green solutions. We have a combined experience totaling 50 years in Green technology in industrial and commercial applications. Our main focus is to make your fleet more environmentally friendly, the direct effects of this are reducing operating costs, boosting efficiency, and extending vehicle life, all while improving the environment and the world for future generations.

Go Green Fleet Solutions reduces pollution and saves fuel for London trucker.
Email from London based trucker:
The 12 liter DAF diesels outfitted with the same equipment recommended by GO GREEN FLEET SOLUTIONS achieved an immediate reduction in fuel cost of over £25.00 from the very first day! I am actually saving money daily now. Thanks.

Go Green Fleet Solutions can make these kinds of savings available across your fleet of industrial applications.
Over the road trucking fleets can drastically lower pollution, bringing older trucks into compliance and save as high as 30 percent in fuel and maintenance costs, reduce, or in some cases, eliminate DTF burn off times in late model pollution control systems by utilizing our recommendations.

Pit Service Front end 5 yd Bucket Loader
Fuel Consumption: 32,500 gallons per year
Fuel Savings @ 9.0%: 2,925 Gallons per year
Estimated Fuel Savings: $7,020 per yearThis system will eliminate 32.7 tons CO2 exhaust per Front End Loader and with 50 loaders that is 1,635 tons of CO2 eliminated each year.

This Utah-based mining company operates 61 haul trucks ranging from 240 to 320 ton. These trucks operate approximately 7,000 hours per year and the average fuel burn is 60 gallons per hour each.
Per Truck
Fuel Consumption: 420,000 gallons per year Fuel Cost @$2.40 per gallon: $1,008,000 per year
Estimated Fuel Savings @ 8.0%: $80,640 per year This system will eliminate 376 tons of CO2 exhaust per truck, and with 61 trucks that is 22,293 tons eliminated annually from just one mine.
Cruise Line Per Ship
Fuel Consumption: 8 million+ gallons
Fuel Cost: $10,384,500 per year
Estimated Fuel Savings @ 8%: $ 830,760 per year14 vessels of this size in their fleet , which would provide them with fuel savings of $ 11,630,630 per year . Added benefits are assured once Carbon Tax and Credits are in place, as a single ship can reduce CO2 emissions by 7,206 tons a year.

Aug 19, 2010
Go Green Solutions
by: Hervy

Thanks for the info Shepard, seems like a lot of promising things going on with these guys.

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