Making Money in Trucking. Single vs Relationship

Maintaining a relationships and creating wealth is a delicate balancing act that requires an understanding couple. You must be compatible with each other in many areas including but not limited to personality, goals, outlook on life, family planning, etc. Even then, although you may be successful as many couples have been,don't expect things to go smoothly or as efficiently as you would like in either area. Choose your mate wisely.

If your are single and you want the most stress free, streamlined effective way to blaze your path to creating wealth stay single at least until you see clearly where you are going and how to get there. This allows you to apply yourself as you see the need without having to consider all that comes with relationships.

Now if you got a girl, wife, man, family, etc already I didn't say go dump them. It's is still entirely possible to use trucking to start creating wealth, it's just that your focus first in your case should be your family and then work creating wealth in along the way. (This obviously creates a greater challenge, which was my entire point about staying single).

Your family needs to understand what to expect from you what your intentions are and what that will mean. (time away from home, frugal spending) To create wealth means dedication to a mission which automatically calls for sacrifice. (time away from home, frugal spending) It will cause problems in a relationship if she is not aware of what to expect before hand. (Harassing you to come home and blowing money!:-)

If she does understand and you guys are serious about your relationship, (and creating wealth with trucking) she will be a beneficiary of your early focus on accomplishing your goals. If you are lucky and fell for the right spouse maybe she will even play a part in your rise to the top.

(Note: A relationship is what it is, both people in a relationship should share a common vision on issues that are relevant to the relationship. So if we are talking husband and wife, future financial stability should use a team approach for maximum traction to reach your destination as soon as possible. Both parties makes sacrifices.

{Yes this includes you, even though you are out making the check.}

If a spouse is needy, selfish, or unable to understand what you are trying to do either your relationship or your efforts to create wealth or most likely both, will suffer{and she will too}. Here yet again you see how important it is to ensure your spouse is compatible with what your vision is for the future. This is true in life period whether trucking or not.)

If you are in a relationship, you may want to get the wife involved in learning about trucking. If she learns about the business side of owning your own authority and load brokering than that would help you both to move further up in the trucking industry to create wealth should you decide that is the direction that you want to go.

If that is not what you see yourself doing, she could be getting training in some other area that you two do see yourselves getting involved in down the road. The idea is for each of you to take full advantage of the free time apart especially if there are no kids yet. Spend that time zoning in on other ways to generate income or start a business so if you ever want to get out of the truck there are options.

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