Reefer or Box whats the way to go?

by Dave Harman

Hello Jimmy this is the Alaskan fisherman I finally got back from Alaska in mid Sept. and went to CDL School here in Atlanta.

It went great I am getting offers from some companies like May Trucking(BOX), FFE(REEFER), and one called Trans AM( REEFER) I am staying away from TRANS AM because they are pushing drivers too hard into leases or telling them to go home.

That Leaves FFE out of Texas or May out of Oregon, both have yards in ATL just trying to get a little input.

Thanks again all your questions in the past were very helpful!

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Nov 05, 2009
Whether to Pull Reefer or Box
by: Hervy

Captain Dave,
It must have been a blast hauling that fish in, looks like a giant brim!

If I were you I would go ahead and pull a Reefer unit since you have no preference at this point.

With a reefer you could pull freight for dry and reefer but with a dry van you could only pull freight not needing refrigeration. If you were to buy a truck having that experience would put you in the position to get paid a little more.

As far as FFE or May Trucking, I have heard good and bad about both so for my judgment I would guess they are both somewhere around average.

Of course you are in a good place to get a lot of feedback from other drivers though.

There is a Pilot Truck Stop I-285 loop Exit 51
There is a Petro Truck Stop I-285 loop Exit 12

Later Man

Nov 05, 2009
I say May
by: J

I don't know much about FFE, but I spent two years with May and enjoyed it very much. Also spent one of those two years as a trainer and made some good money.

Nov 05, 2009
From fishing to trucking.
by: Jimmy

I would say May over FFE. May does dry van and refer. So does FFE, Refer, American Eagle, Dry, (Sister co.) I worked for FFE/Am Eagle 18 months in the late 90's, but am hearing a lot of negative things lately. Jimmy

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