Recent Graduate CDL B Holder

by Mathew Uhl
(Baltimore, MD)

I am a recent graduate from CCBC Essex, in Baltimore, MD and currently live in Baltimore, MD. I am seeking full-time employment driving a Dump truck or straight truck. However, even though I do not have any felonies, I still have a tarnished background with a 3 year old 2nd Degree Assault Misdemeanor, in which I was only defending myself.

However, there is no self defense law. Also, finally, there is one more charge on my driving record that is still haunting and hindering my chances of landing a job. It is a 5 year old DWI in which even though i was not the original driver and mistakenly switched seats with a friend whom was driving not only intoxicated but on a revoked license, in which he would have violated his probation after being arrested immediately.

However, although there was clearly evidence proving my testimony, including an under oath sworn statement in court in front of a judge admitting to guilt. However, my friend, the driver of the vehicle had a lengthy track record of charges in which he was currently in prison serving time.

Unfortunately, the subpoena was unable to reach him and the justice system had continuously failed to locate him in the prison system, resulting in repeated postponements in which I was present for, led to the judges final verdict in which she stated that the statute of limitations expired, therefore deeming all evidence uncredible, resulting in the charging me with DWI without any points on my license.

In the end, there were many lessons learned and I have taken full responsibility for my actions. All of these occurrences took place a significant amount of time before my graduation from the Community College of Baltimore County and the obtainment of my Class B Commercial Driver's License.

All I am asking for is a chance to prove myself as a professional truck driver and a contribution to society. To whom this may concern, I appreciate your time and hope to hear from jobs in the near future so that I can begin my career. Thank you.

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