Recent Graduate CDL B Holder

by Mathew Uhl
(Baltimore, MD)

I have a DWI that I was charged with but no points on my license in 2011 way before i had my CDL, in which I regretfully switched seats with a really close friend of mine who was intoxicated more than myself because we had a few drinks at a friend's house watching the NFL Playoffs.

I switched seats with him because he was driving with a revoked license and was intoxicated so he would have definitely went to jail immediately. So we swapped seats thinking that I could get us away with a warning of some sort but because the officer smelled alcohol I was immediately arrested and charged with DWI.

I also have a petty Misdemeanor Assault on my background from getting into a little scuffle wrestling match with a cousin of mine through marriage in which I was defending myself in the first place because he slammed me up against the wall and had both hands around my neck choking me, so I had to fight back in fear of my life because I couldn't breathe.

Long story short the charges were dropped by myself and my cousin but the state decided to pick up the case and charge me with the Misdemeanor.

I am in no way a bad person, I am well educated and definitely qualified to drive a 10+ speed manual transmission in straight trucks/Dump Trucks and feel as if I would be a great asset to any company that hires me.

I have over 200+ miles driving a 10+ speed manual transmission Dump Truck/Straight Truck outside of the training course and on the main public roads and Highways.

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