Racing in Texas

by Santos

One night I was traveling down the highway scanning my mirrors like I always do I notice two cars creeping up behind me at a pretty alarming speed.

I realized then that they were racing and I slowed down by this time they are on by back door!!! I noticed the car on the right attempt to pass the car on the left to try to get around me and as he did that he lost control of his vehicle!!!

By this time I'm already hitting the shoulder,I then see the car turn 360 beside my trailer (rear trailer) as I'm pulling doubles,nearly loosing it my self(scary situation)swerving to the right to avoid contact and using the stepping on the brakes so i wouldn't lock them up!

At the end of it all I was stopped on the shoulder with the vehicle sideways 5ft in front of me without a scratch on either vehicles!

If I hadn't done what I did this guy would've been either under my trailer or I would've t- boned him! Didn't even get a chance to get this guys plates as the driver put it back in drive and took off (what an #ss) I was so stun by the incident I just stayed parked for about 5 min on the shoulder gathering my thoughts!

I guess the moral of the story is keep aware of your surroundings and look at the big picture also NEVER stop Looking at your mirrors! be safe!

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