Question about Leasing on to a Carrier

by Tania

I want to buy a truck for the first time and I would like to lease it on to a carrier. I have a full time job so I am also looking for a driver as well, any advice would be much appreciated.

Thank you!

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Aug 31, 2016
Get referrals for a driver and company to lease to
by: Hervy

Do you know anything about trucking? If you don't you have to be especially careful because you will have no idea if what the driver is telling you is true or not.

Ex... I know people who have tried this and drivers pretends he/she is broke down, needs money for unloading the truck, etc.

In other words, the person who buys truck depends on the driver to handle the business and driver takes advantages of the situation knowing the owner is clueless.

That being said, you have to be very careful about choosing the driver. It need to be someone with a certain attitude and outlook.

A driver who has been an owner operator would be good because he/she would more likely understand business and do things in a better way.

A big problem that people run into is drivers not taking care of the truck and not conducting themselves as professionals.

Picking up and delivering late, going out of route to visit people, places etc.

You also have to be careful about who you lease to. Landstar was once good. Don't know about now. Panther was also good. I have heard good things about Roadrunners program for owner operators

It is possible to make some good money. It is really hard if you don't know about trucking. You need good trustworthy people on your team Tania.

Best of luck,
Let us know how things evolve.

When you get ready....make a post about looking for an Allentown truck driver here.

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