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One of the most important things for a trucker to do when gone over the road is to make sure to protect your home. This is especially important if you are an active social media user and you let it be know that you are an Over The Road Driver. Even if there is a spouse at home.

These days people are scanning the web as well as neighborhoods looking for opportunities to take advantage of unsuspecting people and unprotected homes. There are many things that you can do to help deter a thief from choosing your property. Some expensive and others are not.

Security systems are 1 option.

Tips For Improving Security At Home

Preventive measures can greatly improve security.  While there is no limit to the amount you can spend, many effective things can be done for little or reasonable costs to improve your home security.

Be proactive, protect your home

  • Install an alarm system
  • Install motion sensitive lights
  • Install a programmable Television
  • Install programmable interior light
  • Get a trusted friend to collect your mail
  • Stop your subscriptions
  • Install bars across the back door
  • Upgrade locks and strike plate
  • Get the neighbors to watch your property
  • Get video surveillance system
  • Get yard lights with motion sensors

Just in case you are thinking you won't be the one who get's burglarized, according to, stats says 1 in 36 will fall victim of burglary in 2013. Of those 36 you can bet burglars will go for the property that presents the least amount of challenge and of course which they assume has something worth stealing.

What motivated me to write the post is because I myself was the victim of burglary about 3 weeks ago. My laptop, Canon T3i Camera, 3 lenses and accessories, hard disc recording equipment and other items were stolen. This was done not while I was over the road but gone for the night from the office. I had left at around 11pm. I returned back about 7am to find it had been burglarized. I had no type of security system (or insurance for that matter.)

They got in by compromising an old deadbolt lock. Because it was old and worn the deadbolt was not locked in the extended position. It would extend when the key was turned but it wasn't LOCKED there. So they just keep working it until it retracted back into the door. If you have old dead bolt locks on your property change them out to be safe.

Also, make sure to record all of the serial numbers of your valuables so that they are easily identifiable if recovered. It might be helpful too to have video or photos of your valuable items. You can also get an engraving tool and find a good place to put your own unique number or tag.

Even if you have a wife or significant other at home with your property, having some of these safety measures in place would protect the property when that person is out. It might also provide a sense of security overall from being left at home alone.

This might especially be a comfort to those homes where there used to be two people living together and then the driver takes off trucking. A lot of women feel uncomfortable about being left home alone. They might not even realize that it contributes to what they hate about your job but it will show in their displeasure and overall resentment. Taking these proactive measure to ensure her safety could make the relationship better.

A trend that I have seen is drivers moving out to the middle of no where and the spouse at home doesn't know anyone and is in a strange neighborhood. Obviously, securing the home in this situation is an even bigger plus to helping her feel better about being left at home and for good reason.

Other steps might be to get to know the neighbors. Don't wait for a welcoming party. Also getting a dog might be a good option. If there are kids it can dub as a good tool to teach responsibility by requiring them to care for it.

Happy trucking. :-)

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