prime inc truck driving school

by tom

ok i put in for prime inc school in spring field Missouri and they called me back and told me that every thing was good and they was going to pay for my bus ticket and hotel and some food to and the school.

This is my first time doing this and i have been praying that this is the right company. if any body can tell me any thing about prime please do and if you don't know that much about it please don't send any thing.

the truck drivers that has been doing this for 2 or more years, is this a good step in going with prime they told me i had to work with them for 1 year and that's OK i will do that.

They said after that i wont have to pay them back for the school. I am from Alabama and i have a family. i got laid off in July of 2011 and i need someone to tell me about them or a good company to go for

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