presenly live 50 miles south of phila. pa.50 north of del. is home .name is ed hollyday e-mail is ed

by ed hollyday
(newark del 19713)

my story goes like this. started driving in 1966 on family farm. started hauling autos in 1977 and stayed there until 1999 helped a man get his truckn business started.bananas in containers. seasonal ups deliveries.hazmat. medical waste. retired in march of 2015.

looking to get back in the business on my terms. obviously you see this is not my first rodeo.know what im doing and know where to not want to be away from home for 21 out of 30 days for 0 money. if you can make a serious offer go ahead. all others will be ignored because as you can see. I can be a little picky

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