Pity Party for one....

by Laura
(British Columbia, CAN)

I am usually upbeat and OK with the whole OTR thing. We talk daily and text.. but am feeling somewhat bluesy in the last couple of days. The nights seem to be getting longer and lonelier.

I never cry, but lately it's getting harder not to. Is this normal? We have four children between us, they are all so wonderful and I love each and every one equally. I work 30 hours a week and go to University part time.

He has been gone almost three weeks and is not doing anything wrong or suspect... I just miss him dearly and don't want to become bitter. That worries me. Is this all pretty normal??

How do I deal with it knowing that it's not him, it's me?

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May 13, 2012
pity party NEW
by: judy b

Ifeel the same way its nice to know we all go thru it.

Nov 27, 2011
You deserve a quick little mini pity party`
by: Hervy

But keep it short! lol.

Seriously, recognizing that dislike about the circumstances allow you to release that negative energy built up from those circumstances.

That being the case, obviously you don't want to stay in that part of the cycle.

So what is it that lifts you back up. Not in a minor way, in a major way. What thing that you do makes you feel good about yourself? About your life? About the future. Spend extra time in that area to renew your spirit and replace that space of negative energy with positive energy.

Also spend time exposing yourself to some soul nurturing (bible, motivational speaking, etc) which is fuel (a.k.a. food for the soul) for the positivity to radiate throughout your body and in your daily actions.

This helps with everything that Lavenia said!

Last, to you and all of you ladies. Since you know you prefer this situation to not be the case forever.....

Have a serious discussion with hubby about how much you miss him and you hope one day he will be able to be home off the road and....

1. You want to develop a 10 year(or 5) plan for him to make the transition from trucking over the road to driving locally or getting out of trucking, etc. (this of course would change depending on what your personal goals actually would be)

2. You want to be on a budget (part of the plan) to take control of your spending, save an emergency fund, get out of debt and put away savings for the future.

Tell him that nothing could replace the security and comfort you felt when he was home, but this is one way to make it easier for you to deal with.

Sell him hard on goal setting and planning so that you can work toward a happy future together enjoying your later years in life and not having to still scramble in order to get by.


Nov 26, 2011
by: Anonymous

Thanks Lavenia, I appreciate your feedback.

Nov 26, 2011
i know the feeling
by: Anonymous

Yes what you feel is very normal and i know how you feel i to go through the same thing and i try so hard not to show it or make him feel bad because he's gone.

I think we women who have husbands gone so much
have to be the strongest women on this earth,My husband is gone sometimes for a month and it gets very hard and i just sometimes wish he would quit but i know right now that's not possible.

Anyway i hope this helped and if you need to talk i'm here...


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