pgh pa. George Bailey

by George Bailey
(oakdale Pa)

Start off I drove in the US Navy In 1964 to 1968. came home and drove tri axles for my father in law. went to ARTIM TRANSPORT running steel on flatbeds, `1972 to 1979. went to Nabisco brands drove 48 states with 53' 1979 till 1982 when they decided to close Pgh terminal. went to work with General Nutrition Centers in 1979 and worked till 2002 when I decided to retire. As things would have it I went to work for Penske truck Leasing, in 2010 and worked till 2013 till back problems caused me to take a leave of absence. I AM MUCH BETTER NOW AND I would like a part time job with a owner operator, I do not want togo into a companys system an d be told my schedule. I am an adult with 3.563million miles under my ass all accident free.I will make my own decisions on the road. oh did I mention I will not go anywhere that starts with New. New England, New Jersey, or new york. This is me....................This is me, I wll work my ass off for you just work with me.

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Oct 14, 2014
places that are new NEW
by: truckeryitz

so that means you isnt going to new mexico?
new orleans? new braunfels tx?
or new road, or new highway?
or drive a new truck? or follow the new rules?

well i guess you might need an old rocking chair and watch sucess pass you on by!!!

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