pardeeville,wi...thomas weston

by thomas weston

i am just looking for a driving job i will stay out as long as i can,but nobody will hire me i have 4 yrs driving t/t started out hauling grain in New Mexico and Texas and now nothing except temp-driving job that lasted one month from Wisconsin to California twice on I-80 and I-15 and you know how Wyoming highway's are,but no call's you fill out application and they say ...sorry... well it looks like i'm going back to haul grain again in TX.

I have a friend who's been driving for 10 yrs in five states hauling grain all year and company's told him he has no experience in driving in snow or mtn's well Texas has both from Amarillo to Dalhart there are two way's to get there all on mtn road's....what can i say oh just my luck........thank you......thomas

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