Panther Expedite

by Jersey Dan
(Rock Hill, SC)

Rated: 4. Panther is not the same Panther as before 2006! If the dispatchers are talking, they're lying. They have large orientation classes at least 3 times EVERY week, to replace the many drivers who leave.

Good example: a dispatcher called me w/ a 2300 mile load delivering to Washington state, @ $1.65 per mi. Sounds good unless you know there's no return freight to bring you East of I-35! By the time you get back East, a team will spend all they earned & more!

Panther also over-hires to be sure they have a truck in the area to make THEIR money from, but could care even less that drivers too often sit for days waiting on their next load.

I've never met a Panther driver, who told me they favor Panther; all speak of being in progress of finding a better company. Only thing I liked about Panther is their logo.

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