Owner/Operator In the Oversize/Heavy haul division at Greatwide American Trans Freight.

by Denny Swinson`
(Ardmore, Ok.)

Hi, I'm an exceptional driver with lots of oversize experience. And a little Heavy Haul. Up to a 9 axel.
I like the everyday challenges and pay that Oversize/heavy haul has to offer. Like the oversize I'm under right now going from Chickasha, Ok. To Houston, Tx. 460 miles paying $3300.00 that's right at $7.17 per mile minus permits. Dems. are under what it takes for escorts. That's a step deck load to. I like the bigger bucks for the least amount of miles. I'm an Owner Operator looking to go back as a company driver at an oversize/heavy haul company. Slow my pace down a bit, And haul better quality freight. I have no tickets, No Accidents. CSA is Spotless. I don't clam to have much heavy haul experience, but I have the confidence, and what it takes to move up the ladder and learn. Given the Opportunity. Denny Swinson 580-341-0174 dswinson57@yahoo.com



Seeking employment as a Heavy Haul/ Over size Load Truck driver that will utilize and expand my training experience, teamwork, and, problem solving skills, while affording the opportunity for career and personal growth.


Extensive knowledge and training in the following areas: personal safety, operation of front end loaders, dozers, compactors, excavators, articulated rock truck, and other heavy equipment and implements. The ability to operate all equipment and vehicles in a safe and responsible manner. Effective verbal, hand signal, listening, plus good decision making skills.

TOP FIVE ATTRIBUTES: Accountable/Responsible, Honest/Ethical, High performance standards, Enthusiastic positive attitude.

TOP FIVE SKILLS: Teamwork, Interpersonal, Speaking and listening, Problem solving, Leadership.

EDUCATION: Basic Studies High School

WORK EXPERIENCE: Over The Road Truck Driver With a CLASS A Drivers licence, with oversize and heavy haul experience, bulldozer, articulated rock truck, front end loader, Backhoe and skid steer, Dump Truck, Articulated Haul Truck.

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