Owner Operator only making enough to make truck payments

Question I've been the girlfriend of a trucker for a year and a half we live together 6 months and hes been an owner operator for 6 months.

He always has excuses to why his pay is never right. For the past 3 weeks he made nothing just enough to pay for the truck he says. Only getting loans here and there.

We're behind in bills i think hes lying 3 weeks no way hes gone for weeks at a time.

I talk to him when he gets the loads and delivers them. Someone please help me. How can I find out whats really going on?

I'm no fool and i cant believe he playing me. We have rent etc.

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Sep 22, 2020
Trucking sucks NEW
by: Anonymous

I am so glad my husband is no longer driving a truck! The pay sucks even before the pandemic, was not home every night and the medical insurance wasn't that great either, so if the loads were not there, the pay was not there and if you have a medical bill due to a test or procedure, the medical center did not want to hear that you cannot pay them in full, that you have to make payment arrangements and can't forget to add that trucking changes them, because of some of the undesirable creeps out there that they make friends with that changes them! A good piece of advice is to leave him and be with someone that is not a trucker! Good luck!

Jun 28, 2020
It's Possible Right Now That Its True
by: Hervy

Unfortunately right now it might be true that he's only making enough to cover truck payments.

If he has a brand new truck or high payments for whatever reason, the freight rates are so low that hauling freight might only cover fixed costs and fuel.

The good news is rates are currently starting to come back up. But don't forget, the rise in Covid 19 cases we might slow back down again.

So a key would be to cut all unnecessary expenses. For example, cable and other subscriptions.

He might drop his average speed to lower fuel expenses. Make sure he is doing pre and post trips to minimize his maintenance best he can.

I assume if you moved in together it's serious relationship. Soooo I imagine you want it to work.

I am assuming you BOTH are in love.

If those assumptions are not correct then why continue to deal with it.

However, if it is true then you have to learn to trust each other. You didn't mention working or kids. If those aren't holding you back, you can consider going on the road with him and eliminate the rent.

If it is a house that you're buying then rent it out.

If you are doing financial moves together, there's not a lot of suggestions, I can suggest for just living together.

How do you resolve it if you split up.

I believe you should have serious conversations about where the relationship is going and how to deal with the money issues.

If you can't communicate with each other about these important issues, it would seem that he is not a good candidate for a serious relationship.

Or lets just say, you two might not be a good match. Unless you're OK with dealing with that. But if you see what in store and you stay, you will have to take responsibility for that decision. In other words, it's a wast of time seeing what you're headed for then 3 years later getting mad at him for wasting your time.

So like I said, talk about the relationship's future. If you like how that goes, then talk about finances and doing a budget.

If you like how that goes, then just hang in there and work on supplement your income with side hustles.

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