Owner Operator Need To Give The Truck Back !

by The Wife asking for the hubby
(Minnesota )

I need help here & I just thought that I would ask you helpful men what is the best thing to do & to how to go about it?

I need to turn in my truck I am done being a owner Operator how is the best way to go about that? I don’t need anything on my DOT report.

The min I tell them or let them know there going to began the BS & I don’t want get Jacked around anymore or them send me out again for another 2 mo I just want to turn the truck in & be done with it.

I have another job all lined up & I need to get back home in a timely matter to start my new job I am not making very much money at all.

I am about ready to loose my house & family & I cant hang in there no more my checks have been so little I can't eat out here or even pay any bills its has been ruff

I understand that its not a cake walk out there but I been out here for 6 mo trying to make it & I cant so its time to go company.

Please help what do you think is the best way to go about things?

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Sep 07, 2016
When he gets to the company with the truck turn it in
by: Hervy

Best thing to do is turn the truck in when he gets to the terminal. There is no easy way out.

What ever the contract says, will dictate what happens. Depends on the terms of the lease.

But if he has another job lined up already, that's a good thing at least. I think I would let them know what the last situation was. So if something strange comes up, they know it is likely the other company trying to get back at him.

(This was posted in the wrong place. That is why so late.)

So how did it go?

Mar 10, 2010
Missing 54 Foot Trailer
by: The Wife

I guess we arent leaving tomorrow or should I say today. It's been a long night what more can go wrong with this dam truck & trailer? Well we parked the trailer at a Local Wal-Mart and we went to there to get a few lat min things & the trailer is gone. Wow is all I can say where did it go cant go to far with out a Big Rig. We called a ton of places looking for it like the wrecker services no one has it or seen it. Now what to do we called the police they don’t know where it’s at. So we will be on the look out for it all day tomorrow. I really cant wait till this is all done if it isn’t one thing its another. God bless all you men out there that has to deal with this BS I don’t know how you do it..... This is to much for me STRESS. I will keep you posted on what happens next

Mar 09, 2010
Can wait till this is over
by: Anonymous

The hubby is on home time now. We did unload the truck. He is planning to leave tomorrow with the truck to bring it back. We tried to make arrangements with the company & they shut off the fuel card. Telling us we have to have 30 days notice. They want to give him a load & keep him running so he cant bring back the truck mine you he starts a new job on the 17th of march. So now we where one step a head of them we already got fuel in the truck before they shut off the fuel card. So the only choice we have is that he dead heads out there with the truck & I follow him out there in the car. They aren’t going to even give him a ride to a gray hound bus stop, so he can get back home. The bus is only going to cost $30.00 one way. Not to make things worse but he is a trainer & we have the second seat with us. We thought about just sending him on the way with the truck & have him turn it in. But that is like a banding a load if you leave the student behind. Wow we are in a big mess we know where the truck needs to go but how to do it the right way? The lease isn’t up on it till April-12th -2010. We can’t stick it out that much longer or we will be living in a card board box maybe with a roof on it. All I can say is BAD company to work for. I will be sure to let you all know what goes on & keep you up to date. Thanks so much for your input on things

Mar 09, 2010
Bad Luck
by: Nick V

Wow, I am really sorry to hear yall are going through all this. I really wish I could help but honestly dont have the information to even begin to handout advice. But I am curious as to whats going to happen so if you could come back and let us know what happens. Seems as though he could wait for home time and try and get it back to a terminal but yeah I heard alot of people get abandonment put on their D.A.C even if you try and do it the nice way and give them notice and try and walk away peacefully. I sure hope yall can get out of this without to much bs. Let us know what happens and good luck. Sorry I couldnt help

Mar 09, 2010
Take this truck and shove it.
by: Jimmy

Who owns the truck? A 3rd party lender, the truck needs to go back to the selling dealer. A l/p needs to go back to the company. Get it checked in and get a copy of the paperwork. They deal with this all the time. If you live a good distance from the selling dealer, make arrangements to get it back there. Jimmy

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