Owner Op Feedback on Forward air

by Calvin King
(Bennettsville SC, USA)

I give forward air a 8.I believe no company is perfect.This is a goo d company that has been affected by the economy.It's terminal to terminal drop and thook.It's air freight so it's all light freight.

Things are slow right now and I might have to consider a change.So if you have any recommendations about a good company out of the carolinas give me a shout.caljking@sc.metrocast.net By the way great site!

I found it by way of google and I've been on here for an hour already.

Calvin King Owner Operator New millennium trucking leased to forward air.

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Feb 15, 2010
hang in there
by: 4782

ive been with forwatrd air 10 years. it is slow for everyone right now. there are few companys that have to offer what forward air does. ive been an owner op. for 20 years and been there done that. job jumping isnt gonna make ther economy pick up. this is the best job ive been able to find. i just dont want you to make the same mistake ive made in the past.itys better to try and make a good job a great job than make a bad job a good job. lastly,,,,out of the frying pan and into the fire,,,, thats what happens when you leave a job based on whats happening at this very moment instead of considering what happened last year and whats likely to happen next year. ive seen a lot of peaks and valleys with forward air but hung in there and its payed off.

Jan 24, 2009
Dropping Forward Air?
by: Jimmy

Hey Calvin, Glad you found the site. We try to give you straightforward info. On a serious note. This is Hervy's site but he has welcomed other people aboard to chip in with good info.

He will probably hit you with some info soon. He drives and lives in the Carolinas. I can only give you one piece of advice. If you're with a good company, be ever so careful before you jump ship. It is slow everywhere. And you know recruiters. They all try to entice you. Good luck. Jimmy

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