Over the road driver for 28 years ( company & owner operator )

Hi ! I've drove trucks since 1979 to 2007 ! H'm looking for a company will hire me with 28 yrs experience going ALL 48 states & Canada !

Pulled mostly reefers ( which i love ) doing dedicated runs from Wisconsin to Maryland & back!

Then other dedicated runs are Wisconsin to California & back!

My health stop me from driving in 2005 because of a stroke,BUT was up walking & trucking in 6 months!!!

Then in 2007 had 3 hernia operations, that's when i said I'm taking time off from trucking for 5 years and happy i did, now I'm ready And i here insurance companies have said i got to back to school again to drive ?

I'm looking for a company in Wisconsin will hire me on the spot regardless of 5 year break from Over the Road.

That's All ! David M. Engler

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