our marriage stalled

by lessa

our marriage stalled out and now its disastrous. We need to see each other more and provide emotional and physical attachments again.

We are trying to repair damage from infidelity, but just do not know if it can come back.


Answer: It can come back if you both believe that it can and also desire equally for it to come back.

And.... also commit to taking steps in making it happen.

Those steps at this point seem to start with counseling in order to have a moderator facilitate the effectiveness of conversations, viewpoints, thoughts, ideas, standards, expectations, etc that MUST be communicated.

Without certain things done to repair this relationship, it can not heal. If it does not heal it is still not well.

You must be in so much pain. It has to be a difficult situation. However, the past must be let go to a certain once you work though it.

Many people are not able to work through it without outside help involved.

Church counselor, private marriage counselor or relationship coach all are options for helping to repair your marriage.

So what can you do next...

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