OTR long tours of duty on the road ( months)

by Cherie
(Bastrop Tx)

How are other wive are dealing with it, or am I the only one that my husband stays out for months.

We talk every night without fail. That's helps some. I'm going nuts!!!! Would like to meet and greet other OTR trucker wives.

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May 31, 2016
Been there NEW
by: Angela

All the suggestions to start hobbies and such to fill your life only work so far.

Find a OTR job with more home time - 2 weeks out maximum.

It's "easier" to work than it is to full fill a family and wife's emotional needs. It's "easy" to tell one's self you are working this hard to better your family. BUT its not. It's only working temporarily. It will backfire.

If you continue that long with your emotional needs unmet, you will start to harbor resentment to him for not being there when you needed him.

Make it a priority for him to be home more.
Make it a priority to meet his emotional needs.
He needs to make it a priority to meet yours.

There is no way to do this if he is gone for months. There is no way for you to sustain an emotional connection to someone who is not there. No matter how much you love someone, no matter how much you talk to them on the phone; if they are not there physically, your emotional side will suffer. You can keep yourself busy, but that will never full fill the emotional needs only a husband can provide.

Apr 18, 2016
Advice NEW
by: Anonymous

Keep yourself busy!!!! My husband is an O/O and out on the road more than ever! I have enrolled in school. I got two dogs. I go to the gym every day. I have great aunts and cousins that invite me over all the time. If I'm not out with family then i crochet, read, play games online, take the dogs to the dog park or find something else to do. I feel like if i have too much time to think then I'd go crazy.

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