by Boogieman
(North Carolina)

I started trucking in 1986,before the CDL program and it was different back then. I told my grandmother when I was 5 years old that I wanted to drive them trucks,she reminded me of this when I was 21 and hit the road.

G'ma was always there for me,one of the toughest people I have known.She would hear my 1972 Western Star with the old Detroit 318 and straight pipes as I crossed the R/R tracks and pulled the hill to the house,she would say"It was time to put the biscuits in the oven"She enjoyed cooking and feeding everyone too.

I have driven White Road Boss,Western Star,Diamond Rio, Ford, Mack, Kenworth, International, Freightliner,and Peterbilts.The Peterbilt is my choice as I put 16 years on one truck.Many miles without air condition or power steering or air ride cabs. Those old trucks are rough on your back.

I have pulled some heavy loads too,I think 115,000lbs was the most,makes you adjust your brakes.I used to be in a hurry all the time and I paid for that too,It ain't worth it,but it was fun.I have met a lot of good,hard working people in my years on the road,and a lot of crooks and other critters that would look good as opossum roadkill.

Trucking attracts a lot of crooked folks that take advantage of you for a buck,like freight brokers,cutthroats,backstabbers,psycho-cops,wrecker services,dispatchers,shippers,receivers and truck-stops that gouge you for everything you need when they wouldn't even spend their money there.

Load up your truck with groceries before you leave home.Say your prayers and stay right with the man.

Enjoy the ride.

If you can't have fun,stay home!

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Jun 25, 2009
by: Jennifer Schnittker

Well its been a while since i have been back here. Keith was laid off for a few months, and I could certainly think of better things to do with my driver, than to talk about it on the "net". Nice to read your profile, and look forward to blogging with you soon.

Now that Keith is back to work, and I am back on my mission- To help educate, give advise to, and certainly find ways to make driver's wives a bit easier.


Jan 10, 2009
Keep On Truckin
by: Onespeed

First off I would like to say Thank You to The Crazy Trucker for his interest in this website and all he has done here to inform the newcomers and allow us all the privilege to take a part in it with some personal expression.

I love trucking and enjoy it most of the time, I still like to hear the stories from the "Old Pro's" I have had the honor to share the road with.Some of them are still running and others have already made it home."Legends of the Road"Gone but not forgotten! I was fresh out high school,broke,unemployed,then an old friend"Hard Times" put me under the wheel.

I started out breaking all the laws,learning to drive,unloading by hand for money to pay for my meals on the road.I wanted to learn to drive and God had sent me the best teacher he had and neither"Hard Times" or me knew it at the time. Looking back I can say God was watchin over me from the start.

Thank You,"Hard Times" for giving me a chance when nobody else would,so to any and all,some words of advice from "Onespeed", Listen To The Old Pro's!,take a chance to help someone when you can! "Onespeed says Keep On Truckin"

Jan 10, 2009
Sounds like more than one speed to me!
by: the crazy trucker

lol, what's happening onespeed,

well i know where the speed came from, where did the one come from!

Just messing with ya, Glad you decided to drop a profile, sounds like you have enough experience to drop some knowledge on us here on Life-as-a-trucker.

What you waiting for driver!

Jump in somewhere!

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