Old School Trucker about to get back out on the road, updates coming

by Ricky

I am old school back in the 80's I cant get over what you made back then is still the same as Now Low Paying Freight High Fuel it's Crazy !!!!!!!!! More D O T BULL S---

The 0/0 will soon be the thing of the past .

I love Trucking it's still in my Blood I still have a 379 Long Nose Pete 600 Cat.

I have Filed for my D O T and Mcc numbers. I am going to do some running to make a little extra income and a way get on the road again. I have had my Truck in my shop all winter getting it ready for this spring .

I am going to sign up with get loaded its a load board to find loads I will not haul cheep Freight . I will let you know what happens in the middle of summer how I am doing.

Nice Blog you have here love to Read it Thanks, R Ray Two Dogs Trucking

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Jul 08, 2019
This is awesome! NEW
by: Anonymous

This is a great one! And awesome too. :)


Nov 11, 2016
Education NEW
by: Anonymous

It is god to know that school trucker is running on the roads again may be it will be use for the school again by which the school will get the comfort from that trucker for the children's uk assignment writing.

Sep 07, 2015
Old School Trucker NEW
by: Joseph Patrick

Come back trucker drivers conventional impressive we all desire pay for papers admiration. The Knights of the road. Some folks in this trade are of the judgment that old school drivers are a failing strain.

Aug 31, 2015
great comments NEW
by: Andrea E. Smith

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Jun 14, 2013
good luck NEW
by: 39 yr o/o

freight is cheap,prices for fuel,tires,ect.are high,too many foreiners hauling cheap freight,to manybig companys using them to haul it.

Mar 25, 2013
just another ole school driver NEW
by: Wicked Ann/Lisa

First let me say that's a beautiful truck you got there driver,bet there's not very many of them left out there one the roads these days. I never owned one myself but I sure drove a few of what we used to call large cars. chicken trucks and roostercruisers back in the day if know what I mean....best of luck to you....ill be waiting on your updates. I'm thinking about getting back out there myself, I sure miss being out there on the road,whooping and riding.....lol......Good luck man....

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