Oklahoma City driver with 7 months exp

by mike s
(okc, OK)

I am a graduate of a very extensive and difficult trucking company (CR England).
Proud to say I am still hanging in there as I approach my 7th month of employment.!

I now earned all the endorsements on my cdl. I run everyday on my own as a solo company driver and I average a minimum of 2500 miles per week. Occasionally I get some home time (4 days every 2 months) but I believe that with my accomplishments and experience I deserve better.

I would be willing to prove my abilities to any company that would give me the chance. I am young and I have no children and no family here in the USA but I have the ambitions to change that as soon as I get myself settled with a company that cares.

my email address is mikejas88@gmail.com. I am also willing to relocate for a local job.
Oklahoma City Trucking Jobs

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