ok Jack tried many years ago.

by mike
(New hampshire)

Yes this has been tried before and didnt work all truckers did not stop and the ones that did had higher bills at home to make up later. its the way of thinking for sure but you'll never get all trucker to do it sad but true .

from mikesmeangreen metal polish

we make a long lasting reflection.

easy wip on wip off.

but jack i'm with you on this one it could work if every trucker would do it.

i have sense retired of 27 years otr trucking and now have my own business truck stops are seeing our product and cant keep it on there selves.

all of us truck driver love to keep it shineing .

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May 23, 2012
Mikesmeangreen metal polish
by: handle (treecliamer) over the road driver

Well people to let you know I'm now retired after 27 years over the road but I found an USA made product back in the early 80ts for keeping my truck nice an shiny. you got it mikesmeangreen metal polish wow I never had something so good for all my fuel tanks and crome . so easy to use and like they say it sure does make a long lasting reflection.

any of you that have not ried it should , I now owe a ponton boat for fishing and I keep my pontons so clean and only once a year no water marks no dull finish all summer.

I have two old sonson that have motorcycles and they even use Dads bottle of mikesmeangreen metal polish on all their crome .

I love it and am so happy I found someing FROM america that works so good.

for any of you up norther or down maine you can find this at dysarts truck stopp in bangor maine.

I read something that its now being sold in Florida and Texas. and its 100% made in the USA wow something AMERICAN made kool huh.

but don't take my ward for it buy some and try it then lets hear what you think. or talk to a truck stopp see if maybe they will put it on the shelf.

go to surch and type in mikesmeangreen / metal polish take a look at the label. check it ut you wont be sorry you did. its been out sense 1980 and I found it around 1987 and have been useing it ever sense on all my metal.

what I love is how they say we make a long lasting reflection, it sure is true.

just thought ya'll would like to know . get some try it your self then let me know what you think you wont be sory. old retired trucker went by the handle (Treecliamer) long before everyone had cell phones , ha ha wow i am old ..

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