Nurturing the Relationship

Nurturing the relationship is especially important as a long distance trucker.  This is an entirely different lifestyle and naturally places a strain on most relationships.  Especially if you were around each other all of the time.

How to Nurture the Relationships

There are many things that you can do to nurture your relationship.  Here are some ideas.

Send a letter or card once a month with a heartfelt message

Be mindful in your communication not to attack or criticize too much.  Especially not more than you praise or acknowledge.

Don't be disrespectful and condescending toward your spouse in your communication.  Be loving and supportive.  About what you disagree with, communicate the reason why without the attitude.  Do that with love and in a supportive manner as well!

  • Be sure to praise and acknowledge what you appreciate
  • Honor his/her independence (which means if you are a jealous person, check yourself.  Need help with that, get it)
  • Be mindful that love along is not enough to sustain
  • Don't do what you wouldn't want your spouse to do to you
  • Never do anything that you would have to lie to your spouse about
  • Don't accuse or even insinuate your distrust of your spouse
  • Don't be passive aggressive when you don't hear what you want to hear.
  • Ladies and gentlemen, I am sure all of you are adults.  We all have seen some of these characteristics in other people.  Sometimes toward his/her spouse.  I tell you it is ugly, very ugly.
  • Know what your loved one finds attractive about you, make sure you work to keep that about you.  (I always include this often discounted tip)
  • Know what your loved one feels shows that you love him/her and express your love in that way.  (That does not mean don't show her in your way as well, but make sure you show him/her in his/her own love language.  Or he/she never gets the point message)

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Mindfulness of Thoughts and Behavior

When we are the ones guilty of this behavior or attitude issues, it is sometimes harder to recognize or even accept when it is told to us.  That is why I talk about personal development and mindset.

If your spouse has told you that the way you communicate or don't communicate is problematic, take it serious enough to think about what is said and examine your actions/words.

Go further and ask close friends who have spend time around enough to give you feedback on whether your behavior or communication is problematic or not.

None of us are perfect and maybe you have habits that were modeled to you by parents or guardians that are not good or even fair.  Maybe you have been trained by behavior or pain from a past relationships that has affected you and you don't realize.

So you have to realize that there is nothing wrong with examining yourself and making sure you are doing things in a beneficial way to you and your relationships.  Because to improve not only helps your significant other it helps you!  (Not just in this relationships but all relationships, including with your dispatcher therefor, it can enhance or detract from your pay if your attitude, behavior or communication is lacking)

So that is enough on this but I hope you are able to read this page like a person not in your body but an observer of yourself on a screen evaluating your performance in lifestyle.

If your performance is good you will win an award of happiness and strong relationships.  If your performance is bad, you will experience relationship drama, stress and possibly pain and eventually lost of love.

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