No phone call or text

by Barbara

I've been basically living with someone for about two years, long distance truck driver who's away Sunday through Friday's From Sunday till when he came home tonight he did not call or text what would you think?

And then he told me he had a hard week and was busy! When I told him how hurt I was he said why didn't you call me? I don't want to wake him up if he's sleeping.

Thanks for any advice and I'm really coming off a bad busy week myself, so I needed a little " wow sweetie I'm sorry I didn't realize."

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Aug 19, 2017
Where was he coming from
by: Hervy

Make a note of where he was coming from. Find out without acting like a detective. See if when coming from that direction again the same thing happens.

Meanwhile, call him when u want if u need to. If everything is normal again until he comes from that direction again, it would seem strange.

One time occurance might be as he explained it. A pattern cant be explained that is dependent upon a specific route would be strange without more details attributed.

For instance coming from there is to deliver at a customer where he must unload by hand the entire trailer. That us why he is more tired from there than any other place.

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