Newby Driver

Well , i am new to the Trucking Industry !! I have had my Class A CDL for 6 Months !! I have no Driving School Exp. all my training occured on the job in the Oil Field !!

I am currently trying to get back to the Houston , Tx Area soon !! My question is , i have had 3 duis in my life time ?? I am 41 yrs old , i recieved a dui when i was 16 yrs old ! Another at 19 Yrs old ! The last Dui i recieved was in 1998 !! I QUIT DRINKING 9 years ago !!

I have not had an accident or a ticket since that dui in 98 .. I am currently trying to get some OTR experience and i have been applying at a lot of different companies !!

My question is , i would love to be honest with these companies but i am also very desparate to get back to work !!

I am also behind on my childsupport back in Texas !! Should i let them know all about my past ?? I have had people tell me that i shouldnt report any more than i am asked !!

Just looking for some good advice , i do not want to Lie , it truly bothers me !!

I would appreciate and advice !! Thanks Guys and Godbless you all !!

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Aug 26, 2011
Voodoo help for the needie
by: Doris pinto

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Feb 07, 2011
truth about trucking jobs with a DUI on your record
by: Anonymous

Most companies only go back ten years on DUI so you should be fine good luck

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