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I really enjoyed your site I am 34 years old and going to start a new career in trucking this is something i've always wanted to do but never did , it's just time in my life to make some changes I even bought a truck from a guy when I was 19 and then realized I wasn't old enough to do anything with it . I have 3 kids 15 13 and 2 I know I will miss them a great deal but this is something that will better the all of us in the long haul no pun intended . Just wanted you to know this is a great site for all the info I needed so please keep up the good work. By the way I am going to school on the 13th of October through driving solutions and have to drive for either P.A.M. or USA TRUCKING any suggestion or info on which I should driver for I am going to do it for a year then make a change we know it will be a rough year but we are strong. THANK YOU


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Oct 17, 2008
by: Jennifer Schnittker


I would look into how much they pay during their "training" periods, since you have a family to support as well. Have you talked to your children about your decision-and of course my next question would be--spouse? is there one? As far as which school, it will honestly depend on who you ask.

Look into their medical coverage,
their "home time", and pay.

These all could greatly effect your decision between the 2 companies. There are also a few other things to look into.

How about dead heading? If you are going for a distance to pick up your load--is there any reimbursement for that?

Next I would want to know about detainment pay. If you have a scheduled appointment, and you are there for long periods of time, do you get paid for that as well?

There are so many things to consider, but these are just a few that have popped into my head.

Good luck, and be safe

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