New to truckers life....concerns

by Crystal
(Madison Va)

My husband and i have been married for 10 years now and we are each others best friends. He is in middle of taking trucking school and has to go over the road after he finishes his classes.

Im scared i have read the stories and have lots of concerns .......he has always been here with me and we are used to having each other here with us. I dont want those things to change....he is my best friend.

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Nov 02, 2015
Same boat NEW
by: allie

I too have been having all these thoughts. My husband who has alway been by my side for the last 11 years will be leaving this Saturday for trucking school and will be gone over the road. We have 3 kids and I'm so worried about being alone that long. He's taken all the precautions as to make sure the kids and I will be safe as for my car and the house. He thinks it's all to make me feel safe which it does it helps but it doesn't help the fact that I still will be scared. Scared of taking on all the boys myself school sports and family functions. I'm trying to think of the positive!

Oct 19, 2015
"All the worry in the world.... NEW
by: Anonymous

....changes nothing"

Don't worry yourself sick about this. Moment by moment in this here life.

My wife used to think women were just throwing themselves at me out there on the road.

She was wrong.

Men were throwing themselves at her while she stayed home and they KNEW I was gone.

Most truckers (especially with families) dont want that rank, stank, pay for [expletive]

We are professionals. We act like it, we drive like it. He will probably be blowing up your phone. What you might want to do instead is check and make sure you have the right cellular phone plan to accommodate all of his calls.

He will miss you. Buy him a dog and never let your mind get to running away with itself on what he might be doing, because the fact is, while he may very much enjoy traveling, he will miss you.. .his family.

Its a lonely life out here, but it doesnt make us crave Lot Lizards....

Oct 19, 2015
Protecting the relationship
by: Hervy

You are in a good place both relationship wise and state of mind by seeking to be proactive in protecting the relationship. You will be fine.

Read this page for tips and also download the pdf to share with him...Protecting the relationship

As long as you both recognize how things can fizzle out if you don't intentionally nurture it, then you can be proactive and keep it alive.

Most of the problems that you read about come from 1 or both of the people not intentionally and proactive protecting it from deteriorating.

It is easy to take for granted that things will just work out the way that you desire. That is rarely the cause.

Also, if there are trust issues, self esteem issues, character issues from the beginning, then it's like wanting a great tasting dish using poor ingredients.

So these are the realities about how things go not only in trucking but in relationships in general.

Who the 2 people are in the first place matters how the relationships will evolve.

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