New to my husband being a truck driver

by Michelle Phillips
(Whiteville, NC)

I'm new to this life. Before my husband chose this job, we were so close...inseparable. Everywhere he went i went to. He went to a 1 month school in Texas and now hes on the road with a trainer for about a week.

Its so hard on me. It almost feels like a phobia. I miss him so much and im afraid he wont come home due to things he cant control. (other drivers, weather, etc.) I feel so lonely even tho I have 2 little boys and a disabled dad with me.

I actually talked to him last night and couldn't fight back the tears any longer. So now he wants to come home because he doesn't want me depressed and I could never forgive myself if he did. Hes worked so hard for this. All the hours and its been his dream for a long time to drive a semi.

I need advice, how do yall deal with this? I don't work. I have been a house wife for over 3 years and i don't have any friends.

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May 25, 2016
Must find activities and happiness NEW
by: Starfie

I would say you need to figure out what makes you happy and find other activities to keep you busy and mind somewhere else.

This will help you and I think it may make you more desirable that you have other things going on. Plus it will help you meet other people. Volunteer, sign up, library programs etc.

May 19, 2016
New To the life NEW
by: LaQuisha Roy

Hello I am new to this lifestyle as well my husband went to the training school here in Charlotte. But now he is off in Tennessee and I have two young boys myself. I work full time and go to school. I have support from co workers and some of his family but it is not enough not having the support of you husband. I do hope that you find this group helpful as so am I. Best wishes to you and your family.


May 08, 2016
Hugs NEW
by: Stephanie Reed Talpas

Hello Michelle,

I am an administrator to a truc j ers wife group on facebook. It's a small group, no drama but very supportive. We totally understand how hard this lifestyle is. Please friend me on facebook. So I can add you to our group if you are interested. Don't feel bad,having support in this lifestyle is important. It can make it a little easier to deal with!!!!


Stephanie Reed Talpas

P.s. look my name up just like I wrote. It's a pic of my daughter and i.

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