new to dealing with a trucker husband on the road

by Sherry
(New York)

My husband just finish training with the new company and we manage to last thru the hours of him studying and learning.

We are both in our 40s and both in our second marriage only 2 months married, so there is a lot of issues:

He is so tired after driving he cant even talk on the phone. so far i am patient and pray a lot and keep myself busy with work and our teenage kids and started going to gym.

But at night i cry myself to sleep

Problem is he does not have schedule as of yet or don't know even when he is coming home. If i ask, its like he gets irritated.

I tried to explain that I can last if i know there is an end point,but I don't even know its a month I have not seen him.

Its just depressing and frustrating.

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Dec 18, 2011
Thank u NEW
by: Anonymous

thank u kindly
god bless u and ur family
I will pray and try to stay positive
Just shocked how hard it is
Have a great holiday

Dec 18, 2011
Life for a new driver on the road NEW
by: Hervy


I can understand how frustrating the trucking lifestyle can be for you. It is important to under though that it is pretty hard on a new driver at most starter companies also.

Especially if the driver is a male, with family and is used to having any kind of position to determine his own destiny. Schedules and how to spend time, etc...

As a new driver. It is pretty much what you stated. The man now has very little control over when he can get home. Majority of the companies treat them like a robot for a few months.

Where you live will have a lot to do with when he will get home. But a lot of companies will only send him to the house after weeks when the highest paying load from wherever he is goes to the house.

It's profits first, driver second.

As a man, he may very well feel as frustrated as you or more to say, I don't know when I will be there. It's like a loss of control and having to let it be known. Let it be know to whom he wants to have the most respect for him at that.

So, when you ask, it's normal. But if you happen to harp on it or ask why, why, why or seem not to understand he has no control it won't help either of you.

But, relax. There is light at the end of the tunnel. If these guys, (the trucking company) don't act like they have family themselves and therefor know it is important to get the in reasonable amounts of time. (In my opinion I don't see why any company can't send a driver home after 3 weeks, even if it is the lowest profit load available.)

He will be able to go to a better company that treats him better.

The first year for drivers is always the worst one. More frustrating, less money and little control over all.

So stay positive and keep you head up knowing that things will get better in less than a year's time.


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