new orleans la experienced truck driver


i am looking for a small company or owner operator to drive for that have his own rights not lease on to any one because he he got to have a good contract to hire a driver.

i have been driving for 33yrs i still like driving a truck i had 3 trucks of my own. i want another one but i dont have the money or credit,

i can make money as long as i am not lease on to any one. i dont like to be control, i like to run for the broker under my own icc rights.

i like to get home and make money and i just cant work for these companies anymore because these d/m they have now dont know their a from a hole in the ground and they want to scream and holler at a man and i cant take that.

i cant keep a trucking job a week anymore. i need my own truck or i need to drive for some one that have their own icc rights that will pay a man good and get him home i am a very good driver. i drive charters buses you name it i can haul it but i cant get along with these companies anymore.

i have drove my whole life my kids are grown i dont want to be on no rd 3 or 4 wks anymore i am looking for a guy that have a turn around or run straight out and back in with good equipment i really dont care if it is from new orleans to houston i was driving for this guy running gramercy la to newark de paying me 40cmi 10 hr for shop time and dock time he got rid of me after i sold my trucks

when he hired me he told me we never haul freight that had to be hand unld then out of the blue after staying with him for a year he started picking up freight that the costumers didnt have any docks he left me in bad because i didnt really think this guy was like that so i sold my trucks and cant buy another one

i dont want to haul freight for anyone that i got to lump off their trucks i didnt haul that type of freight when i was young if they have anyone out their looking for a good driver or have a good truck that they will let a man have for 300wk well i can get something to haul i can get fuel i can run local and make 3500 wkly until i can get my own icc rights but i can pay for a truck i just cant haul for you if you are doing bad and know you cant pay a driver

i am not going to stay and i am not going to stay on the rd no 2or 3 wks at a time it dont take that to make moneyn it take freight and someone to keep that door close to make it and i cannot fool with them clowns that work for these big companies if you even have a truck and your own icc rights and are green i will help you make money as long as you pay me well

i will go any where as long as that load pay good and i will load and come straight back with money to the truck and good money every time i lease on to someone they break me these guys are not in business to let you have the freedom of owning your own truck and making a good living and getting home

you got to be a kiss a and i am not that or be a puppet i am not that but i am a real man and a good truck driver someone with some money or have a truck they want to get rid of email me at and i will make us some money

male or female black or white as long as you have something dot ready no junk i really need to go to work no teams i don't run teams solo only or some pretty lady to ride with me smile thats it if you have a husband is dead and left you a good truck and dont know what to do with it

i can make money with it 3500 wk with just plates ins. icc rights i can make a lot more thanks email me

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