Nervous about pulling into a place and not being able to get out

by bill corrar
(boca raton fl)

Be careful where you pull into

Be careful where you pull into

I'm getting ready to go to school and have a fear of being someplace on the other side of the country in a big city somewhere where i could possibly make a wrong turn in a busy residential area or pulling into a highly congested parking lot and not being to turn the truck around.

Also how common is it for a truck to have to use a runaway truck ramp?

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Feb 02, 2017
You are the boss!!
by: Anonymous

I have been driving and also teaching for 40+ years. You can put a trailer in spots you could not even imagine that it would fit.

One of the most important thing you need to do is look over the situation and visualize in you mind how you need to position you truck.

Take your time its not a speed contest.I have had companies tell me we get trucks in here all the time with no problem. That statement can be very intimidating you will in time know what is capable and what is a accident waiting to happen! I have over 4 million miles accident free and have competed in truck rodeos.

I am not telling you this because I want to brag I am telling you this because there are places that are just to risky to attempt. You might be able to back into such a place but the risk factor is way to high. Remember you will know what your capable of doing safely and what is unsafe.

I can not stress enough don't let customers,drivers,dispatchers,or anybody intimidate you.

May 12, 2015
Think things though, then move.
by: Scott

If you can get in there, you can get it out. You may not like that process too much though, especially if it means backing out onto a roadway. I size things up pretty carefully when I can, and don't pull in somewhere tight if I can avoid it.

I use Google Maps satellite view to locate and survey places I'm unsure of. Remember though, an ariel photo can be misleading. A wall looks just like a curb. But usually, it's a valuable tool. I plan pickups and deliveries like a bombing mission. I locate the entrances and exits, and learn the general lay of the place before I get there. Plan and plan some more.

If you don't feel good about pulling in somewhere, DON'T. Take a lap. Stop somewhere else. Make a phone call if you aren't sure where yr going. As far as runaway truck ramps go... If you need to use one, you screwed up bad. Try not to do that.

You won't get out under yr own power, and you'll end up paying for damage to yr truck and probably the cost of grading the ramp again.

Jan 23, 2010
trucking woes
by: Hervy

I know the feeling. On directions try to make sure they know what direction you are traveling from. Be aware that they get mixed up with left and right and giving you directions backwards. One way to help you know if they are telling you from the right direction is to ask the cross street prior to the turn.

If you get to the turn and never see the cross street they mentioned then you will probably need to turn left if they said right because they are thinking about getting to the turn from the opposite direction.
(as in my video below)

Other than that, just make sure to pay attention to the street signs for no trucks, wrong way, and low clearance especially. Some times no trucks may be just to keep heavy traffic off and you are allowed as long as you have a local delivery and sometimes the person giving the directions just never saw the sign and you are not supposed to be there. Call them and ask and they will probably tell you it's he way they always send trucks or it's ok for local deliveries, or call the city police to verify.

When having to pulling into parking lots, or closed end areas, try to see possible outs or turn around before hand. If it looks too suspect stop before pulling in and walk around the building or whatever you can't see around to be sure you can't get out of the lot.

This was and interesting event and is really not all that fun. I didn't get a cross street because I was sure sure they knew what they were saying. Silly me

Jan 06, 2009
stuck in a lot
by: jimmy

when you start driving big rigs, you will notice firstly that, hey, i can't park just anywhere with this thing! yikes! fear not, pardner. you are in a whole 'nother world. the world of trucking. watch everything, above , to the sides, to your rear, in front of you etc.

If in doubt, stop and walk it to see first hand whats around that corner. the worst is you would have to back out. if so get help, even from the local police if necessary. of course, that will be be the first AND last time you ever do that again.

You will get yourself into tight places at times. keep your wits about you. it's just part of the job. a good rule of thumb is call the shipper/consignee to verify directions. Don't trust dispatch.their directions may be 5 years old.......

Sep 11, 2008
by: Preacher

Get Out And Look! Before you get into a spot you can't get out of put your four ways on, don't block traffic, then take a walk. If you take your time, watch your mirrors, and slide your trailer tandems if need be it's amazing how tight a spot you can get out of.

Be sure and practice your backing techniques because you'll need them also. If you're at the shipper or consignee don't be afraid to get someone to spot for you.

Most of all remember you are not the first driver that has ever been where you are and most of us have survived to drive another day.

Aug 24, 2008
Just do it(with common sense)
by: Snap shot

I've been in the industry as a driver as well as an owner operator for 28 yrs. Bottom line? when the going gets tough the tough ones get going!
Don't get me wrong, use common sense.

Also, fear is your worst enemy. Get going with confidence.

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