Need temporary trucking job - 3 months on 2 off

by Karl

I have been driving over 20 years and here is my situation.

My wife and kid lives overseas and we have decided that economically it will be better to live there but I work here.

So here is the thing I need to still work here but also spend time there with family . So in essence I need to be a part time OTR driver that while I am working I am in a sleeper truck . Yes I can get local job easily, but that would mean spending money on apartment or with relatives here and back overseas.

Which I would not need to do if I am in sleeper truck and I just run and try to make as much money as I can legally and than go to family for a month or 2

My ideal scenario would be to work 2.5 months or maybe 3 go home for 2 and than back again

I would even go for the work 2 months off for a month than back to work again.

Most of the big companies that do part time do the 7 on or 7 off or 14 on 7 off and that is fine if you are only talking taking your 7 in the USA.

There is one large company that does this and applied and I was told that most of the guys in the part time division do 7 on and 7 off .

To this I said what if I told you I wanted to work 2 months and than lets say i take a month off and than come back.

To this they said no. No matter how many days you work 7 off was the max. So I asked what is the difference unless it is a truck issue than I would understand the reasons for this.

The reply was no its not an issue of trucks because there are more than enough trucks it was just 7 was the max off. I than said you do realize that in a 3 month period I would have actually work more weeks for you than the guys that did the 7 on and 7 off.

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May 23, 2018
Are you still looking? NEW
by: Cpeterson


Are you still looking?
We are interested but it would be working out of the NE (PA/MD).

You didn't leave contact details so, let us know here.

Mar 12, 2018
Flex work schedule. NEW
by: Anonymous

I know of several drivers that do exactly what you want to do. They have homes and family in Philippines & Thailand, etc. They work for temp services that hire cdl drivers. Some of those temp services are on and plus you can Google for temp services that hire cdl drivers.

Mar 12, 2018
Interesting situation for hometime
by: Hervy

Yeah Karl, seems that companies allow very little room for customized situations. Its understandble to a degree. How many drivers would they need to accomodate it they allow flexibility beyond a certain point.

If by chance someone wanted to do something ridiculous and they would refuse then the lawsuits would come.

Also to manage it if a lot of people requested customization, it would mean extra manpower.

So that's how I see it from their perspective.

From your perspective, I agree, shouldn't be a big deal.

Seems like if you don't find that owner operator, you might want to consider the trucking temp agencies.

That will work out for you just fine!

Road Dog or

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