Need some advice about quitting job and going over the road

by Mel

I need some advice about a decision that I am currently facing.

My boyfriend (serious boyfriend) is looking to become an owner operator and go out over the road and I have the opportunity to go with him. I would be leaving my job I have been with for 8 years and attending online schooling to get my bachelors in health management.

He could easily go on the road with out me but we do not want to be away from each other. Financially we would be ok without me working so I am just wondering from other peoples experiences if its a good thing to do?

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Jan 19, 2015
hmmmm NEW
by: Linda Boggs

That's a tough one...How long have you been with your "serious boyfriend"? How old are you both? Can you really tolerate not only each other 24/7, but can you tolerate the tiny space you will share? I have been married since 2008 and I cannot be cooped up in his cab for very love him devotedly, but being claustrophobic keeps me from going on any trip with him until he gets a bigger cab, or we get a travel trailer.
Another thing on your education, remember he won't always be in an area where the is a strong enough signal for you to be on line or even on the phone. You might want to reconsider if only for another year and have a solid plan, which you didn't mention. My husband has been OTR but home on the weekends from 2005 to 2008. 2008 he started working for a co. in Montana, we live in NYS. He is now owner/operator and it was his dream. It's so hard in the beginning, but he did it. While it feels vey hard at times, we are very devoted and faithful to each other and trust each other. Good Luck with your decision.

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