Need Help Finding A Job Asap

by Terrell
(Northeast Ohio)

Hello, I am in desperate need of a OTR Trucking Job.

In February 2011 I was charged with a "physical control charge" in Ohio. A "Physical Control Charge" is not a Driving Charge but is a charge were they say your too intoxicated to drive and is "too close to a vehicle" were they charge you because its possible that you may want to drive.

Make sense? of course not.

but anyway on my MVR I still have 0 points but cant seem to get hired for any trucking job.

I was working at a factory and was called to come in for orientation, so I put in my 2 weeks at my job and after my last day working the trucking company decided to change their mind because of the charge, so now I'm without a job.

If anybody can help, please do.

Reply: In case you don't know, at most companies, if you are a good employee and you leave on good terms (which if you gave 2 weeks, I assume you did) you may be able to go back to that job.

Just asked them for your position back if they haven't already found a replacement.

Other than that, do you already have your CDL?

If so check out small and medium local trucking companies for ideas to land that job and click on Ohio Trucking too.

Best wishes

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