Need a driver asap in Lacey, WA to start training

by Sara
(Lacey, WA )

My husband and I are independent contractors through FedEx home ground. We currently have six routes in the Lacey area. Because we have expanded and have more employees there's a lot more managing and office work needing to be done.

We currently have my husband in the truck full time and I am for the most part filling in for people taking time off. We have a few other people that can work here and there but only for a day or so a month. As far as us being able to go on family vacations it's entirely impossible. Plus our daily delivery loads are getting heavier. We aren't quite at a place to hire another full-time driver and buy another vehicle.

It is difficult to find somebody who is available part-time. I would like to find somebody who could start training immediately and we would need this person full time by the time our peak season start.

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