My Nightmare 0f Injustice----True Story

(Dallas Tx)

I wish a many day I w0uldn,t have step f00t in JB Hunt in Dallas,plz guys if s0mething g0es wr0ng and y0u g0 t0 another lab and clear y0urself they still g0nna say it,s n0t 0ur pr0blem it,s the lab, third party 0f c0urse.

S0 guys plz if y0u can,t afford a lawyer 0r can,t get 0ne plz d0n,t step thr0ugh that d00r. I,m the living witness t0 what happens when neglience default and 0H Well this is TEXAS.
This is a True St0ry I,m the 0ne wh0 has lived it since that awful day 0f 3-17-2010

Here in America they say y0u,re inn0cent until proven guilty but it,s 0nly based 0n d0 y0u have the m0ney.
S think TWICE bef0re y0u g0 there cause if their lab is wrng I pray Y0U have the M0NEY t0 represent Y0URSELF cause if n0t

I CAN TELL Y0U FIRSTHAND what it,s like t0 be INN0CENT and the ramificati0ns,0f s0meb0dies else,s WR0NG

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