My Life as a trucker's wife in Tx

by michelle
(Ravenna, Texas , USA)

Well I am not what you call a normal Trucker's wife cause my husband does get to come home every weekend , but he is still gone Mon-Fri .

I try to stay as busy as I possible can either be with the kids or with school that I have decided to go back and finish.

Well as for support I don't have no one but him even though he is on the road he is still my best friend. Sometimes hope the feelings of being alone will go away but so far it hasn't.

I love it when I can go ride with him cause it is my vacation from the kids .lol.. Not to mention the lovely stuff I try to get him to bring home.

So far I have gotten him to bring home a 2 pound Doughnut but still working on the 3 pound cinnamon

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Apr 17, 2012
understand NEW
by: Anonymous

You will love it when you can go riding with him I always do . Now it is just finding time . My hubby travels just in Texas and since I am not orginally from Texas it is so cool for me . I am so glad he has a hands free device so at least we can talk before I go to bed .
At Least I am able to finish going to school and maybe college cause of him ,but weekends never seem long enough . You will get better I have some degree and once in a while you will flake cause I still flake .

Apr 17, 2012
i am lucky like that too NEW
by: Cynthia Harris

I am lucky that my husband will get to come home every weekend too. but Monday through Friday is hard. I have yet to not cry when he has to leave sunday night. In fact i feel more numb on sunday night that any other day so far. I just have not gotten used to it yet. My husband work for McElroy out of Ennis texas. I hope that once I am allowed to i can ride with him for a week or so. I want to see places i havent before. I would kill to see the ocean, any ocean!, and dolphins. Tennessee would be nice too. My best friend lives Cleveland. We havent seen each other in about 5 years. I know Jeff is living his dream. or is about to. hes still in orientation for now. hes itching to get in a truck lol! for now i have to get a job but its gonna all work out. I already have a plan once i bring income again. that includes another vehicle for me and an updated age appropriate wardrobe . but starts with a few months of catching up and paying off bills.

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