My husband and his team driver are being blamed for a load shifting

(h carolinanor)

They were live loaded. My husband woke up for his shift and halfway through TN. He noticed a bulge at the bulkhead of the trailer. called dispatch and they said keep trucking and bring empty trailer to terminal when unloaded.

Can they blame this on him and why would going back to training help. I thought loads shifting wasn't anything anyone could control.


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Mar 16, 2013
Sometimes you eat the bar and sometimes...well NEW
by: NickV

This sounds like a unfair decision made on the carriers behalf. Loads shift constantly and there is nothing you can do about it. Unfortunetly companies are making it harder and harder on drivers these days since trucking has become "the cool thing to do" and not a real job like it use to be. This makes the good company driver expendable with warm bodies and empty headed kids to fill their spot.
The one who should be going to training is the shipper. Or it could be his co driver who was at fault, who knows. The only problem is the company is just going to look at it as he did not complete his pretrip which it could have been found then if it were the case. They always have something up their sleeve unfortunetly and they will never understand the riggers of the road and what is the truck driver. Companies are just that, they are there to make money and will get rid of a 10 year vet just as quick as they will a 6 month green horn.
Tell your hubby to keep his head up, do their stupid training and get back to doin what he does best and keep that rubber turnin. While your at it give him a big thanks for keeping the stores packed, our tummies full, and our backs warm. Truck drivers today have one of the most dangerous and aggrivating jobs on the market today and not to mention the worst pay. Takes a real special person to be a truck driver and to be treated like this is ludicris.

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