my first owi 11/21/2011, and last ,needing a second chance

by brian
(kokomo indiana)

i went to truck driving school in may of 2000 ,i then started driving from 2000 ta 2009 ,i had bought me a trailor and had gotten custody of my son so i needed to get a job where i could be home with him.

My mother had been helping me out,and the deal was she was to help me with him, well she did not help at all she went on vacation.

I was left with figuring out what was going to pay the bills, why she was planning to take me to court and get custody with her money ,and i had no job. I got depressed and made the worst choice ever i got my first owi 11/21/2011 ,in my personal vehicle my last driving job was 04/21/2009.

I lost my cdl,i lost everything i had owned. Not only did i loose my class a with all endorsements except passengers.

I still have my car, and TV, and a mower left. i am writing this in hopes maybe someone that believes in giving me a second chance.

Email me, i have definitely learned my lesson ,and know that a 2nd offense would mean my cdl taken for life i know some companies that want it to be 2 years or 3 or even 5.

I am gettn closer and closer but still waiting, im living with my father otherwise id probably be at the mission,i learned what friends i didn't have during my hard times living without money.

My child support is behind and i have my other son i hate not having the money to buy him things.
I love him and it just down right sucks ,so never make the choice to drive messed up. I really was not thinkn about my cdl at the time.

I have never had an accident ,my record is clean besides that and i cannot get hired its been 15 months since the owi. i have found one company that stated if it was before 11/07/2011 that they would hire me.

I'm waiting to hear back its like 2 weeks difference from my offense ,so hard telling what they will say ,otherwise i may be waiting longer.

I am so ready to work again ,and be behind the wheel again and get paychecks ,i miss having that money ,so if you know of a small company that may consider me ,let me know please ,feel free to comment on my stupidity or perhaps a job.

I'm from Indiana ,and my email is and if i can figure this out im going to be starting a whole page on the facts of why not to drive ,safety ,and your job under the influence of dui,dwi,owi,ect its way cheaper to take a cab ,but better yet just dont do it.

I am way past that point in life now,i just want to move forward,i feel like im dealing with my so called christian mother of mine she never forgives.

I hope this story helps my fellow drivers,or even while your not at work ,remember it only takes one time to screw your world up ,and a 2nd offense is life.

I wish that was talked about more in trucking do not make the mistake,its not worth your cdl ,or the safety issues no matter how good of a driver you are ,i will be so glad when mine is in the past.

I hate the fact that i have it on my record ,and i really hate not working for who i want to ,or where ,i hope i find a good job ,i like ,dont look like i have many choices for a while ,its sad,but true,dont do it,im hear to tell you ,

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