My company has stranded me in Fl. do they owe me for this?

by Tim
(Muncie, IN.)

Im stranded in Daytona Beach FL with no per diam or lodging I'm in a day cab. Do they owe me for this down time? If so how many hours and rate?

I have been here since 6-17-17. I delivered the load here and am waiting to get back to Indiana.

The company refuses to send me money for lodging or per diam. And also found out that the fuel card I have is no longer valid.

I guess I'm asking what are my rights?

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Nov 20, 2017
Don't get stranded again NEW
by: Anonymous

YOU are not alone in this situation. it's not unusual for trucking companies to strand drivers when they have no more use for them. Example: if you refuse to violate fmcsr regs under the threat of getting fired, or you tell them you need a break due to fatigue. it's your duty to advise them if you feel unsafe driving at any time. The best thing to do is keep your safety standards while driving, but save your money and keep your personal belongings on the truck to a bare minimum (meaning keep yourself flexible to move out of their vehicle at a moment's notice). Do this because you need to be in the position to get yourself home from wherever you are in the country. On some occasions, you may have to suck it up until you get close enough to get home. But NEVER abandon their vehicle !! GET IT TO THEIR TERMINAL SO THEY CANT BLACKLIST YOU WITH THAT CHARGE..ITS A CAREER KILLER.

Jun 22, 2017
Sounds like they went out of business!
by: Hervy

Fuel card not valid? Strange. Tim call someone else in management at your company. İf there is nothing else to this story i am sure upper management wants to hear about their truck sitting around not making money even if they dont care about the driver.

Wait u said day cab! Yeah i think you're right Tim. They should provide u with hotel or money it seems.

Contact management. Talk to lawyer if no answers. Department of labor might want to hear about it as well.

Good luck Tim and let us knw what happens with this please.

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