my boyfriend of almost 2 years wonders if he should go otr

by Carrie
(summerville sc)

My boyfriend and I have been together in what will be 2 years in August. I'm 23 almost 24 and he's 26. We moved in with each other almost immediately because of opportune circumstances and I got really lucky with him.

He's a wonderful man and boyfriend and it's really a perfect relationship. He will do anything for me and I for him. We moved from Texas to south Carolina on our 1 year anniversary for a change of pace and to begin our lives together and make our dreams a reality.
Everything is not going according to plan though.

We were hoping to get me into school and him to get a trade but due to financial circumstances, I was unable to get into school when I wanted to. He fortunately was able to get a CDL license down here, but he has had a trouble with good paying jobs.

He's thinking about becoming an over the road driver so we can have a better financial status. I'm scared though, because we haven't been far apart from each other for more than 16 hours since we've been together. I know I'll always love him and I will never leave him and I can only hope for the same for me I'm not sure what my options are.

Should I let him do this for our sake or do you think we have other options other than him having to go over the road? we fortunately don't have any children, we have our own apartment and all of our bills are piling up so what do you think we should do?

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Nov 13, 2015
Get your CDL and drive team with him. NEW
by: Anonymous

Getting your CDL only takes a few weeks, you could get your CDL and drive team with him. Get rid of your current home, (sell it, rent it, whatever) put your stuff into storage, and hit the road.

Two fat paychecks going into the same bank account with very low living expenses means you can save up a lot of money very quickly. If you're both earning $1200/week and driving for 3 weeks out of the month, that's $86,000 a year. You could quickly save up the money to become owner operators to make even more money.

As others have said, take your online classes with you on the road, or better yet, both of you can work on classes together. That way when you guys are done with your life on the road, you can BOTH get good jobs outside of trucking.

Sep 17, 2015
by: Anonymous

Do not do it. OTR is NOT for everyone. As a matter of fact it's not good for MANY relationships. Most times they are out for a week or 2 weeks at a time. Home 34 hours a week or every other week. IT IS AWFUL! If you have any other options, take them!

Jun 25, 2015
thanks NEW
by: Carrie F

Thanks so much for your feedback. My boyfriend also suggested that as we'll, going over the road and taking online courses in the truck. I probably could get grants the only problem is I might not have a high enough GPA to do so. We're not really accumulating a lot of bills just the normal ones like cell phone cable internet we have a storage out in Texas but I don't think that's particularly the issue. For now, I think I will just try to get a promotion in my job and hope for the best. I know he doesn't really want to go over the road he just felt like we were stuck. If any other opportunities arise, we will be sure to jump on it.

Jun 18, 2015
Make a Plan
by: Hervy

I think you should consider going on the road with him and take online classes toward what you want to study in school. You local community college likely has many online classes.

Take the money that you would have paid for apartment to pay the bills down. (By the way stop creating bills if you already have money issues, just in case you are not already implementing that)

Also, save money as much as possible starting immediately. Don't put it off or make excuses to spend carelessly or justify the purchase of unnecessary things.

(we tend to do these things and it holds us back from progress to a more desired or place in life)

Build up a $2,000 emergency fund and a $5,000 savings minimum in separate accounts. (or figure out a personally suitable amount). First emergency, then savings.

Then savings and investment account.

I sent direct deposit of half my check to the bank. Then set up at the my bank how to divide the money. Like 50% to one account and 50% to another. (After maxing the emergency first).

The other half of the money went to a checking account and the bill money came out of it. This is the only account that I had a card for. You can have separate accounts for special goals. (like school, I later did this)

Learn skills and do research to help you transition out of the truck in 2 years or less. The second year he should be able to make no less than $45,000 if he keeps a clean record.

If you are serious about escaping financial struggles, going to school and spending more time together with him not being on the road, making a plan and sticking to it will work for you.

After the 2 years (or sooner if you reach your goals early), he could either drive locally, or do what is needed to be able to do another job.

Also, as far as school, you will likely qualify for grants and possibly other financial assistance. If you have been in SC for long enough, you can have a lower tuition. If you only have a short time to go, consider keeping apartment until you are there long enough to be a local resident because the difference in tuition might make it a smart strategic decision. You have to do the numbers on that.

Best of luck guys! You can make it work.

By the way, I find it rewarding to give away a certain percentage of my money to help others. For me it is usually at least 10%. It is not always in a traditional way, and it is often random and impulsive based on people I run across in need.

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