Mrs matthews new trucker wife he's been gone a week!

by Brooke Matthews
(Decatur, Alabama)

our honeymoon in mentone

our honeymoon in mentone

I dont know how you ladies do it. I know he is doing it to take care of our family, me and 1 yr old daughter.

With the economy the way it is there is no other way to make money people getting layed off.. he did twice.

I am praying he has a safe journey.

From what i hear these lot girls worries me all these wives talk about there man knocking up other girls etc. really worries me. But i know i have a good man hopefully that will be enough.

We are good Christians maybe God will show him the right path. We are a young couple im 23 he is 25. I miss you! Cant wait for this so called first few weeks that turned into 2 months gone comes sooner then i know it.

Any advice ladies would b truly grateful.

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Sep 13, 2010
by: NeeNee

All I can tell ya sweetie is to have faith in him and his love for you that you are the one he wants and comes home too. I married my trucker almost 2 years ago after being in an abusive marriage. He was alwaya gone and I have no idea what all he did while gone and I don't care to know. BUT the love of my life vowed to me long before we talked marriage that I was all he wanted. The joke was I was all he could handle. He didn't need more than one of me....

Hold on to your faith in Heavenly Father. And keep yourself busy. If you don't work and can, find a job even if it to get you some 'play" money so when he comes home, ya'll can go out on a date. If you can, go back to school. you have to do for yourself before you can do for him.

I'm here to chat. If you like, you can email me. I ride on the truck full time now.

Have a great day Sweetie!

Jul 05, 2010
praying is the answer
by: Anonymous

your doing the right thing by praying for sure , my trucker has been driving for yrs and it is a hard life , things always happen to keep them out longer i wont sugar coat it for you . you can do it as long as you have a line of communication and trust. in God first and in one another we have been married for 22yrs its been a long haul but if you are in it for the vows you made before God you can and will make it through priorities thats the key i pray your family will make it through God bless

Jul 04, 2010
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