Monday Week #2 at Truck Driving School

by Collin Barnette
(Visalia, CA)

You can follow my first week at the first link and I promise to be more positive and not put such a negative spin on my experiences. I'll bring you the good stuff.

The School being short handed is moving quickly to get another instructor on site from one of the other campuses. We did stand around a bit this morning but it all paid off as we broke up into groups according to our level of accomplishment so far and available instructors.

I am working with a couple of other students to perfect our Air Brake System Check and it is really helping me to help the others. One person behind the wheel while others in the cab read the procedure and point out mistakes. I think I'll be ready to test on this today.

I should say that, as in all areas of life, there are many different types of people at this school. Some have a hard time with what you think would be the simplest things while others seem to fly right through. Joining up with your classmates is a great way to work together reinforcing one another and keeping the interest and and attitudes positive moving the whole process forward.

Some people can back that truck and trailer right into a whole while others are so intimidated that just moving the combination is a big step. I have some experience from way back and felt confident with my skills but, doing it while six or eight people stand and watch is a new and humbling experience. Making friends with my classmates and learning what they are all about really helps to change those criticisms to constructive and playful banter. We all want to see each other succeed.

Practice Practice and then Practice.

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Dec 23, 2008
Trucking school is a lot like boot camp
by: Collin Barnette

Thanks for the supportive words Hervey.

You said it, I didn't think of it but yes, Trucking school is a lot like boot camp. It's sort of a general overview of things to come. Getting you started on the skills you will need to be successful in the times to come. Many different individuals with many different skill levels. But, working together we come together to archive what we are all there for and that's to attain our CDL and get employed as Professional Drivers.

Hey, I passed my Air Brake Cert today. A big step if you've never been there. The next few days will be spent focusing on pre-trip inspection. A lot of stuff to get straight in our brains but I am certain that we will all get it done and move forward.

Dec 23, 2008
Trucking School almost like the basic training for trucking
by: The Crazy Trucker

Well actually this site is like basic training, if your not sure I will try to weed you out from driving. lol

Trucking school is like AIT. It further conditions you preparing you for permanent duty. You gain perspective and you get an idea like you said of the different types of people and circumstances you may encounter and how differently people will handle it.

Rest assured everything will not go like clockwork.

Patience and tolerance will help you to stay positive. We all know it's not always easy though lol (you should have seen me yesterday!)
You seem to be developing it rather quickly.

Anyway, this is very interesting Collin, kind of taking me back to my trucking school days. Great job, will break the ice for a lot of people.

You seem to be settling in and setting a great example at trucking school.

Super Job!

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